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“Bringing fiber optic broadband to every Malaysian in our vision to make Malaysia an Ubiquitous nation through our commitment to quality and efficient service anytime and anywhere” - OCE

An Overview
Optical repeaters were part of the first Ethernet standard back in the early 1980s. Today, optical Ethernet advances promise to take Ethernet transport to levels undreamed of back then and not even feasible using copper technologies today. Thanks to advances in optical Ethernet, this most common (and most standard) of LAN technologies will soon be the most common (and most standard) of WAN technologies. <more>


Announcement  1st May 2012


 Dear Valued Customer,


In view of the above, we wish to inform you that effective 5th May 2012, Over-the-counter payment at all former EON Bank Branches will no longer be available. However, please take note that the other option for payment is online services.


   1.Online Payment:-

      i. Maybank2U internet banking at

      ii. UOB Payonline at

   2.Pay at OCE:-

      Optical Communication Engineering Sdn Bhd No. 19, Jalan Semangat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (inside Sin Chew Daily compound)

   3.Credit card Direct Debit.

Please contact our Customer Service at 03-76801555 or e-mail to should you require any assistance.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.


Announcement  21st December 2011


 We at OCE would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using My Sentralfon internet broadband service.

Effective from January 2012 onwards, My Sentralfon Sdn Bhd will no longer send bills to our customers by post. All monthly bills will be in e-billing method. You will receive your monthly bill, statement of account and payment method online.

Kindly log-into:-

Step 1:- key in your username and password.

Step 2:- left top column, click Online Billing/Payment to view your monthly bills, payment history & payment methods.

For further enquiries please contact us or e-mail to

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.



Announcement  3rd March 2011


 Dear valued customer, we wishes to inform you about our initiative in combating spam in our Internet Protocol (IP) network to improve the quality of service.

We noticed lately there are number of anti-spam organizations have blacklisted some of IP addresses from our network and it was affected our large number of customer due to these spamming activities by a small group of users. As the result, many customers have been unable to send emails from their mail server to companies who migh utilized the database from the anti-spam organizations.

Therefore, we are taking immediate action to address this issue. Start from 3 March 2011, we will block OUTBOUND SMTP traffic or port 25 for all out going emails from dynamic IP addresses and only outbound SMTP traffic from will be allowed.

With the new implementation, the dynamic IP users will need to change the outgoing port to TCP 587 if they have their own mail server located outside of our network or you may use our mail server at as a relay to send out email in our network.

Please be assured that OCE is pro-actively taking all possible measures to ensure that these spamming activities do not reoccur in the future. We seek your kind co-operation to implement the necessary security measures to protect your computers that are connected to the Internet from any e-mail abuse, virus infection, spyware and malicious code.

For further enquiries and assistance, email us at or call us at 03-79605045 and select 2 for technical assistance.


Support Team
Optical Communication Engineering S/B


Announcement  20 th October 2010


 Dear Valued Customer It is our pleasure to inform you that  we  officially use the new telephone numbers : main line office 03-79605045 to replace the current number: 03-76808000/08/11, with effect from 20th October 2010.

The fax number was changed from 03-76808010 to 03-79570669. Kindly update your contact information and we look forward to serving you as usual with this new telephone number. Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our best wishes & sincere thanks to the support that you have so generously bestowed upon our company over the years. We remain sincerely yours in providing you with reliable services in pursuit of building a mutually prosperous business relation. Sincerely,

Announcement  18 th March 2009

To Our Esteemed Customers:

As a valued customer of our company, we couldn’t wait to share the good news. This letter is to announce that we have embarked on enhancing and improving our broadband services to satisfy your needs. The intention is to show our appreciation and our commitment to always deliver the best cost-efficient broadband services to you.

This enhancement program is broken down into several phases and we have completed the first phase successfully. This phase fixes potential network security concerns and also further enhances your surfing experience by eliminating spam and other unwanted security threats from the network.

As such, we would like to announce that we will be providing our new and more secured service to our valued customers, effective 1 st April  2009 Start with PJ area. 

The current system does not require any login information for authentication and authorization purposes whereas the newly enhanced system requires one. The new system will require our users to login first before being able to use the network for their Internet access. The system will ensure that only legitimate users are able to get access to our services.

Security on the network will be much more enhanced and thus ensures that users are protected from various network threats from externally or even from threats originated internally. There is no need to purchase any new hardware to support this new version. 

The User Manual available in our website would suggests all the required steps to setup Authentication Dialer and indicates where to download additional software (if required by your setup) to get you quickly and smoothly connected to our new and improved network. 

For User Manual click on the  corresponding Logo of the Operating system you are using..


Should you require further information, Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service personnel at 03-79605045, who will be pleased to provide you with any additional assistance that you may require. 

Thank you for your kind support 


Support Team
Optical Communication Engineering Sdn Bhd







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