OCESB Application



  Want mobility and access to the internet at the same time? 
OCESB can see to it that consumer can

  have wireless broadband connection to the internet at affordable rates.


  Voice Over Internet (VoIP)
  Worried about expensive overseas phone charges? OCESB offers
Voice Over Internet to

  consumers. So long as there is a OCESB Fiber Network at your area, your phone bills especially

  long distance phone calls can be reduced tremendously as phone calls can now be made over

  the internet.


  Data/Application Center
  Services of Data/Application Center and other related services are
offered by a fully owned

  subsidiary OCESB, OCE DotComWork Sdn Bhd. For more information please refer to 

  www.dotcomwork.com .


  OCESB also offers installation of surveillance either for residential
or business purpose at

  affordable rates. With the Technology now available Consumers will be able to have no worries at

  work as they can keep an eye at their home. And also Employers can also keep an eye on their

  Employees in the office in case any is up for any mischief.

  The technology offered by OCESB can even ride on other 3G devices.





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