Research & Development


  In the year of 2001, OCESB has further ventured into R & D and   

  work with partners such as DLink, Linksys, ASUS and Intel to   

  make products for Metro Ethernet and IP networks such as Metro

  routers or core and edge deployment, packet based optics

  switching technique including Time and Frequency Multiplexing as

  well as 

  Media Converter to provide migration options for many Ethernet 

  products which are in market.


  In 2003, OCESB has ventured into R & D and worked with partners

  such as Alteros, Polarizone, Intel, Senao and DLink in wireless

  technology to re-engineer WIFI and Free Scape optic to      

  compliment Fiber optics for distribution and access.


  Later, in the same year, OCESB was also involved in the

  designing of roadmap for Metro Ethernet, IP network architecture

  and engineering design in which it was used as submission to

  Multimedia and Communication Commission of Malaysia for the

  application of the NSP, NFP and ASP individual licenses.






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