How to configure web mail to your Mozilla Thunderbird?

Choose Mozzila mail or Thunder bird mail from Your Computer and choose tools and then go to Account Settings.

NOTE: * Kindly change your POP3 SMTP Server to for those who subscribe the service in Penang


Then Click on Email Account

Then the system will ask you for Identity fill in as desired .

Then you have to select POP or IMAP and the in coming server as shown in figure...

Now you have to enter your user name given by the service provider.

Then click on to enter your Account Name

Wow now you done with the configuration, congratulations.

Then go to E-mail Accounts and you can find your mails ....

 So you can send or receive the e-mails from OCESB web mail with Thunderbird

And Hope You can configure your web mail as well as enjoy the service of web mail

If you Have any  inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Center at 03-76808011 or email us at .


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